European Destinations For Photography/Instagram

So you’re sitting in your garden sipping that delicious cup of morning coffee, when you realize you’ve been wanting to explore the lushness of the European forest, you’ve been dreaming about making that adventurous climb in some of those rocky mountains, but somehow you didn’t, as you never know which places to visit in order to fulfill those cravings of yours. But worry no more as you are going to get exactly those places here, where apart from getting adventure you will be getting amazing pictures to juice up your Instagram feed with awesomeness. Because most of the places of Europe are pristine and stunning, where you can take a deep breath and have time to relax away from all the rush. And maybe, just maybe, you can make your morning coffee on one of those mountain peaks. I mean, who knows, you have to find out by going there.

Best places in Europe for travel and photography:

Alright, if you are planning to go for a tour and get the best of the photographs in Europe then there are few places that you should definitely go and check out for yourself. These places will make your trip both emotional and full of creativity if you are into photography. Well, Europe has the best places which are related to the continent’s rich history and also many dynamic landscapes. Okay folks, get ready to make your travel list filled with amazing places that can outgrow your photography skills and creativity.


Okay, so the list starts with a city that is a treasure of Gothic architecture along with hilltop castles and cobblestone streets which will get you 100 of photographs in many of the Edinburgh’s irresistible photo shoot locations. The Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, and the Calton hills are few of the places that provide the entire panoramic view of the city which looks incredible. One of the top Instagram photo shoot places is the Colorful storefronts and the credits go to the Harry Potter series. There are red and yellow colored leaves all over the city in October. It looks as if the city is painted with vibrant red and yellow color.


London has the most beautiful and incredible photograph worthy as well as Instagram worthy place in the whole of Europe. It has amazing greenery all around with its blend of old to new along with great architecture all around which is a great attraction for photographers who are also nature lovers.
The St.Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster abbey are the places that get the most number of admirers. Also, the colorful Notting hill and there are places that are good for photoshoots such as Portobello market. There is a hyde park which has amazing reflecting pools and flower gardens.


The Sagrada Familia is the most famous place in Barcelona but there are many other things that are remarkable. The marks left by Antoni Gaudi is considered to be whimsical and are done using colorful tiles and ornate details that are strewn across the city. There are bird-eye views in Guell and Bunkers del Carmel park, which looks amazing during the sunset.


Plethora, capital of Lithuania has the most amazing photogenic houses with such great architecture that it attracts those who don’t have much idea about it. There are admirable towers and castles that have their learnings about soviet past and Jewish history. You can get decent hotels at a cheaper price. Also, this is considered to be the cheapest priced city in Europe, thus adding it to your travel list will be beneficial for you.


Well, Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage site with historical values and places to visit. This city is best for photography purposes and is also known as a no-brainer to add it on the travel list. The blue-hued mosaics cover the famous art gallery with the azulejo tiles which are very famous. There is a rich red staircase in the library along with mahogany shelves that gives such an elegant look. If you are going to this place, then you shouldn’t miss the cozy streets in Riberia and also the amazing taste of local cafes as well as shops.


Paris is the most photographed locations in Europe that is because of its charming streets and famous landmarks. The Eiffel tower is the most famous and even the little kids know about it and wants to get photographed with it. But there’s a lot more places that one can visit other than the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Arc de Triomphe and Sacre Coeur dome are amazing places that will get you the best panoramic photographs. Sainte-Chapelle will amaze you with the towering glass window.

Well, another way you can find the best places for photography in a particular city is by following the city locals on the app. Also, the city local Instagrammers can get you a lot of help in searching for places that are by looking at their profiles. Follow the trail of hashtags. When it comes to capitalizing on social media apps I also recommend adult dating app as the best craigslist personals alternative for those looking to make some “connections.” They have a huge user base. Just a pro tip for those that get lonely. …


Photography is an art of capturing every moment you find in your surroundings. Photography is the true essence of a real moment that looks beautiful than the reality because photography is all about freezing a real moment and admiring the moment. There are people who think photography doesn’t require having to go to a course and learn it. However, to be an advanced photographer requires some skills to be developed and become a professional in photography. This is the reason, the photography major has been introduced in almost all the universities handling Bachelor of Arts as B.A in Photography.

Best universities for Photography:

  • New York Institute of Photography– this institute is specifically for the people having the passion for photography and offer a course in the field of photography. It is said to be a leader in photographic education. It was introduced in the year 1910. They provide a wide variety of courses to enroll at affordable rates as compared to other standard universities for university degree courses. They aim at providing a practical understanding of the subject matter.
  • Parsons School of Design– this university is said to be ranked as the number 1 university for art and design situated in the United States. The main campus of this institute is located in New York City and was found in the year 1896. It is said to be a complete degree program as a part of a person’s education as a student. Photography is considered to be an integral part of fashion and art industry and is given a lot of importance to the photography as an undergraduate course by imposing practical experience and provide everything they need to know and grow to succeed in this field.
  • Vevey School of Photography– this institute is specific in providing photography as a degree program. This is situated in Switzerland and is the most preferred school for arts and especially for photography. It has a comprehensive and in detail making use of both print and electronic media. Here students are allowed to make use of workshops, labs and practical knowledge provided.
  • Sir JJ School of Applied Arts– this institute is situated in Mumbai, India and was established in the year 1935. The aim of this institute is to provide facilities in training the students in becoming professional and specialized in the field of visual communication.
  • Ryerson University– this university is located in Toronto, Canada. They provide appropriate courses in photography and these courses focus on theory and practicality in photography as well. They provide placements and train students on the work environment and disciplines. Students studying here will have a lot of exposure to companies and have opportunities to gig and have internships in different places.
  • Tokya Zokei University– it is considered as one of the best university for design and visual arts. It treats the course of photography as literacy and train the students for an industry ready environment.

Choosing the right university is very important. It is dependent on your requirements. Choose well. …